About Me


My name is Ckiara, (the C is silent),

I am Libertine, Humanist, Bodywork specialist, and Philosopher…

My philosophies are mine and open to growth. Never, would I impose my beliefs or self on others, I embrace all that I come in contact with or discover and throw away what is not suited for me.

I’m not asking permission to enjoy myself!

My skills, knowledge, and service that I provide, come from pain and study, the experience of life, I have come to be able to get and give exquisite, tantalizing pleasure; in candlelit rooms filled with the fragrances that permeate the air, through my nostrils, up to my brain then slowly down my body to my cosmic energy filled body through touch I physically transmit it to you while I apply pressure to alleviate stresses in your muscles.

It all is a translation of the joy that my senses, and the senses of those, who join with me, are experiencing.

Sensations can come from every direction.

There is the sensation of skin touching skin, the sight of the flesh of different colors contrasting in an artistic vision brought to life. Indeed, life itself can be one great masterpiece, brought to life if you accept that which has been given you and that which is there. Ecstasy is a simple personal creation, that which the senses enjoy together or individually.

“One can reach one’s peak at any time if you honestly answer, to that which comes from within. Obey your taste buds, the sounds you crave, what you find beauty in, what your nostrils find delectable, what the flesh craves. Obey the truth of your mind, the wisdom of the soul and the needs of the body! It would be too personal for advice from anyone but self and that is freedom.
We are infinite beings of energy and light.” On this planet to have physical experiences, to live!