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  • ” Ms. Rose quickly put me at ease with a warm hug and a big smile. We moved to the massage table, and she gave me an excellent massage, taking her time on every muscle and engaging in thoughtful conversation.
    For my taste, she’s sexy. I could hardly contain myself during the massage as she rubbed up my inner thigh,  We then moved to the body slide. When she first slid on me, it felt like I sank into a pool of warm pudding…” -TK

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  •  “Will turn your body from a Wilting plant to a healthy, calm, relaxing Rose
    I have been seeing Ms. Rose for a number of years now. I can honestly say I’ve never walked away feeling unsatisfied. Ms. Rose has the ability to go and Get underneath your muscles, relax them rejuvenate them and embed her unique and one a kind touch like no other. Deep tissue, just your shoulders, or back Ms. Rose has a unmatched,  unwavered, uncanny rhythm to her massage sessions. A true artist and technician of her craft. She has gone inside and through my body from head to toe. Adding new techniques to her massages. Ms. Rose makes the term “ A kiss of a rose” nothing compared to her massage. You will be transformed by this Masteress of Massage and should. Come for more! ” -Jaguar
  • * “Great provider, great personI showed up to her apartment in a nice area in Oakland.  She is warm and puts you at ease.  She is very sensual and generous with her time.She cuddles and her body feels really nice. Lovely woman, will repeat.I left something valuable behind and she set it aside and made sure I got it back too.
    Trustworthy!” -Moorehead
  • *  Sizzling hot, sensual and superbCkiara is one of the most amazing experiences I have had in my many years of mongering. Setting up an appointment is easy. Adequately describing what happens is less so. It’s hard to do justice to her. She is beautiful, smart, soulful, sensual, sexy, fun, flirty, and altogether amazing.First she gives a series of massages that leave you slobbering with pleasure – from a simple alcohol rub to a hot stone massage. She can use any and every part of her body to relax you and ease any stress or strains you might have. Then when she has finished lavishing attention on you on the massage table you move to an air mattress on the floor – you know, the kind they use in those nuru videos you love to watch – where she covers herself with oil and covers you with herself. It’s a slippery, slidey wonderland of sensual pleasure…”-Peter
  •  Long overdue review.This is a long over due review for Ms. Rose
    Been seeing her once in a while for the last 4-5 yrs.
    Her incall is safe and clean. Parking can be a issue. The last time I seen her was a last minute. She very accommodating. Service is excellent. Just going there for the massage and salt scrub is worth it. She’s really skilled. As far as the others thing that went on after. You guys just have to find out for yourself. I dont kiss and tell. I was really happy with the service provided -Yi Chow Fun